Fostering Diversity and Growth: IQUW Group’s Partnership with The Brokerage

As Head of Talent at IQUW Group, I’m dedicated to creating a collaborative, inclusive and dynamic working environment. Across IQUW Group, colleagues thrive on the exchange of great ideas, partnering with colleagues with different skills and experience and fostering a culture of innovation. Together, we work towards the common goal of driving success and embracing the spirit of teamwork.

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Strengthening Bonds and Expanding Horizons: Sports and Social Connections at IQUW Group

I’m Tilly, a pricing actuary at IQUW, specialising in energy, marine, aviation and cargo pricing. My journey began at our sister company, ERS, before I moved across to IQUW. The ability to transition between roles within the same group has significantly expanded my career horizons – and the opportunities for growth and development is one …

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Embracing Growth and Collaboration: My Journey as a Managing Agency CFO at IQUW Group

As a Managing Agency CFO at IQUW Group, responsible for the syndicates operating through Lloyd’s of London, my role is one that combines financial expertise with stakeholder-focused leadership. Having worked within various areas of finance at Lloyd’s for a decade, including five years as the Head of FP&A at Talbot, I have experienced the dynamic …

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Coming Together to Make a Difference: IQUW Group’s Volunteering Programme

I’ve been a member of the HR team at IQUW since 2005 and have had an interesting, fulfilling and varied career. Starting in recruitment administration, I’ve since experienced many facets of HR, most recently moving to the position of Reward and MI Partner. What I love about IQUW has been the opportunity to wear multiple …

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Unlocking potential: My experience with the IQUW Group apprenticeship programme

Over my eight-year tenure at IQUW, my role as a Pricing Manager has undergone a significant transformation. Beginning by managing personal lines of business, like classic cars and motorhomes, I’ve now shifted gears towards being heavily involved in the evolution of our industry-leading products, blending traditional pricing approaches with cutting edge AI. It’s an exciting …

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Embracing the unexpected: My mentorship journey

As the Head of Internal Audit at IQUW, entrusted with overseeing a team of talented individuals, I have always emphasised the importance of continuous learning and development. However, when an email from HR arrived last year, inviting employees to participate in a year-long mentoring programme, I found myself hesitating.

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