Published on Wednesday 30 August 2023

Volunteering isn’t just the right thing to do…

By Lisa Wright, Reward Partner

I’ve been a member of the HR team at IQUW since 2005 and have had an interesting, fulfilling and varied career. Starting in recruitment administration, I’ve since experienced many facets of HR, most recently moving to the position of Reward and MI Partner.

What I love about IQUW has been the opportunity to wear multiple hats and experience various aspects of HR. We actively promote cross-functional involvement, the opportunity to generate fresh ideas and engage in exciting projects, in a fast-paced environment. Our 25-person HR team works collectively towards common goals, creating a culture of collaboration and innovation.

In addition to my daily responsibilities, I’m actively involved in IQUW’s charity and community committee which has pledged to create volunteering opportunities over the course of the year. In London, our partnership with ELBA (East London Business Alliance), a charity linking businesses and local communities, plays a crucial role in identifying causes and initiatives that require support. Similarly, in Swansea, we diligently search for opportunities to extend our helping hand, currently supporting an animal rescue centre.

IQUW takes volunteering seriously. We not only encourage our colleagues to participate but also provide the support to make it happen. IQUW offers time off for volunteering and cover any associated fees. It’s important that colleagues have the flexibility and resources they need to engage meaningfully with the causes they care about.

I am proud to share that our efforts have been met with great enthusiasm, and it’s inspiring to see colleagues giving their time, skills and energy to make a positive impact in the community. We’re also dedicated to getting the message out proactively, ensuring we use all the communication channels open to us to spread the word amongst our colleagues.

One of our first volunteering experiences last year was spent at Victoria Park, with activities focused around gardening and general maintenance. A group of colleagues from various teams around the company including members of our Executive Team attended, and together we rolled up our sleeves, worked side by side, and helped make the park a cleaner and more inviting space for everyone to enjoy. The camaraderie and sense of accomplishment were truly inspiring, and it reinforced our collective dedication to giving back to the community.

And of course, volunteering isn’t just the right thing to do, it also makes good business sense. It encourages people from across the company to come together, get to know each other, and ultimately work better together.

Reflecting on my time so far at IQUW, I am grateful for the opportunities that have shaped my professional growth and enriched my personal experiences. Volunteering has allowed me to connect with individuals outside of my immediate work sphere, develop new skills and contribute to causes I am passionate about – it’s exciting to be part of this evolving journey!


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