Published on Wednesday 30 August 2023

Strengthening Bonds and Expanding Horizons: Sports and Social Connections at IQUW Group

By Tilly Howson Ray, Pricing Actuary

I’m Tilly, a pricing actuary at IQUW, specialising in energy, marine, aviation and cargo pricing. My journey began at our sister company, ERS, before I moved across to IQUW. The ability to transition between roles within the same group has significantly expanded my career horizons – and the opportunities for growth and development is one of the factors makes IQUW a great place to work.

Our pricing team, a tightly-knit group of 10, includes our Head of Pricing and five skilled pricing actuaries. Assisting us are dedicated analysts, working hand in hand with actuaries to ensure operational excellence.

What makes IQUW stand out is its focus on active participation across all business areas, ensuring that every team member contributes to the organisation’s growth. We’re a really communicative and collaborative team, with shared goals and ambitions.

Adding to the sense of unity is the Sports and Social Committee, which arranges various activities across the group. These engagements not only infuse a sense of fun into our routines but also provide an opportunity for personal interactions. Being a part of these extracurricular pursuits has allowed me to form genuine connections with colleagues, breaking down barriers and fostering a collaborative spirit.

And there’s a special tradition that unites us – a 5-a-side football match in Shoreditch every Tuesday. What started as a simple game has evolved into a way for us to connect beyond our roles and departments. Through shared goals and teamwork on the field, we’ve forged connections that extend well beyond office hours.

Ultimately, my time at IQUW has underscored the immense value of connections and relationships in the business landscape. Being involved in activities like our football matches and engaging with the Sports and Social Committee has not only enhanced my experience but has also highlighted the significance of unexpected interactions. These moments of bonding have facilitated collaboration, deeper understanding, and lasting friendships.

So, whether you’re an experienced professional or just setting out, remember that some of the most impactful connections can be established in the most unexpected ways. At IQUW, the football field has proven to be a great avenue for enriching my professional journey.


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