Published on Wednesday 13 March 2024

Meet the team

Rebecca Hill, Senior Claims Handler

Rebecca Hill, Senior Claims Handler for Syndicate 1856 at IQUW has packed a great deal of experience into the 12 years she has worked in the insurance industry. Despite not knowing anything about specialty insurance when she first entered the market, she tells us she hasn’t regretted a day in the industry yet. In 2023, Rebecca joined the LMA Next Gen Committee where her focus has been on testing innovation ideas and addressing talent gaps in the industry.

How did you first arrive in the insurance industry?

When I finished school, I knew I didn’t want to go to university –no one in my family had gone to university so there wasn’t the pressure that some people feel and that my school year was the first to see the substantial increase in fees for a degree, which made me more steadfast in my decision Unlike some of my friends who knew they wanted to be doctors or scientists, I was a clueless 18 year old and didn’t want to incur a huge debt unnecessarily. My school teachers were horrified when I insisted that I didn’t want to go to university, even to the point they called my parents into the school to discuss it, but I haven’t regretted that decision once.

Exploring apprenticeships, I found a financial services opportunity that appealed to my love of maths. I applied to various positions, including accounting and insurance, and got a job at Chaucer Syndicate in 2012. The interview was interesting, especially since I knew nothing about specialty insurance at the time. Despite a mix-up on the type of insurance the business (I thought they did motor rather than specialty) they offered me the position on the spot. My first role was in the claims operations team working on reporting and management information on claims across all the products. Later, I transitioned to focus on marine and energy claims. After a restructuring, I moved to the US liability team, where I handled medical malpractice claims. While this was a fascinating area to work I wanted to return to marine claims. In 2018, I joined Argenta Syndicate, where I worked for five years, becoming a senior marine adjuster. Seeking a change, I came across the opportunity at IQUW, and I was attracted by how fresh and different it felt to the rest of the market. It was a relatively new company and was (and still is) exciting to be part of the journey of a developing company. I joined IQUW in 2023 as a Senior Claims Handler for Marine, Energy, and Aviation

Tell us more about IQUW’s Claims Team

As a team, claims had grown quite considerably in the year before I joined. It’s a diverse team with a broad range of ages, backgrounds and experiences. On speaking to peers in the market before I started I knew the team were highly thought of, well respected and very knowledgeable. We are now a team of 11 and cover the full breadth of IQUW’s offerings with 13 insurance products and 3 reinsurance products. While my role focuses on Marine, Energy and Aviation classes of business, it’s great to get involved and learn about claims on other lines such as Cyber, Crisis Management, Political Risk and War.

You were recently appointed to the LMA NexGen Committee. What inspired you to join, and what kind of work are you doing with them?

It was a mix of wanting to make new connections in the industry, career development and encouragement from people at IQUW to be part of external groups and committees. I received an email on a vacancy at the LMA NexGen Committee, which led me to call some of the committee members to find out more about what their objectives and initiatives they were working on. Through these chats I found out many of the initiatives they were working on I had an interest in and affinity with and so decided to apply. The committee is comprised of future leaders in the market, serving as a shadow board for the LMACC, who operate as an Executive Board for claims within the Lloyd’s market . Our current focus is on addressing talent gaps within the industry, finding innovative ways to attract new resources, and ensuring diverse perspectives contribute to market decisions. It’s an exciting opportunity to be part of shaping the future of our industry, as well as working on areas I’m very passionate about.

The main focus of talent gap this year I find particularly interesting. I believe it’s essential to tap into a diverse pool of talent and work on talent gaps not just at the start of a career. By recognising the value that individuals from different backgrounds bring to the industry, we can broaden our perspectives and overcome challenges. The key is to make the market more accessible to people with different experiences and skill sets, creating a dynamic and inclusive environment. For example, there’s a lot to be gained by employing an ex-mariner to do a marine claims role!

Along side the NexGen committee I also volunteer both internally at IQUW and externally for mentoring opportunities. I really enjoy helping others, being a sounding board for their ideas and providing advice, people forget there’s much more to navigating the workplace than just being able to do your job.

What made you join IQUW?

IQUW felt more modern and diverse compared to my previous experiences. In contrast to the traditional corporate atmosphere, I noticed a more equal and inclusive environment. The emphasis on culture and the presence of a broad range of socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds in the office made me feel it was the right fit for me.

My view on what type of company I want to work for has changed over the years depending on my experiences. Looking back at what I enjoyed most, I realised it was the feeling of empowerment to do my role whilst being in an environment that encouraged learning and provided the support to succeed. I wanted to work for a company who valued my opinion and encouraged me to improve myself.

It was also made clear to me that my role wouldn’t be sitting behind a desk all day and that I would be expected to get out into the market and promote IQUW as well as being given opportunities, including international travel and working closely with our underwriters.


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